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What Recurve Bow Is Right for Me?

Introduction to Choosing the Right Recurve Bow Embarking on the archer’s journey begins with a pivotal choice: selecting the perfect recurve bow. This foundational decision influences everything from shooting technique to rate of progress, dictating how well your equipment complements your physicality, skill level, and archery ambitions. Whether for competitive sport, recreational use, or traditional… Read More »What Recurve Bow Is Right for Me?

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Why are crossbows legal in the UK?

Exploring the Legality of Crossbows in the UK The UK’s stance on crossbows is one of measured allowance, shaped by historical, cultural, and legal factors. Crossbows, often seen as a relic from the past, still hold relevance in modern recreational activities, sporting, and even in certain aspects of self-defense. However, their legality comes with strict… Read More »Why are crossbows legal in the UK?